Timmy enjoys a drink and Perry gets a promotion

We take in cats, dogs, small animals and even ponies at times.   We never put any healthy pet to sleep and ensure that they have a happy and comfortable life.  It’s home from home with the very best of care, love and affection. We have residential pet care facilities and our ‘golden oldies’ can stay with us for the rest of their lives.

Timmy is one such cat that has stayed on at the Sanctuary and made it his home. He’s quite the character and takes his job seriously as a meet and greeter to visitors. He usually sticks his tongue out when he sees you but he’s not being rude – it’s a health thing. Some neurological diseases or deformities of the mouth or teeth is often seen in pets and their condition won’t allow them to pull the tongue all the way into the mouth. It’s known as hanging tongue syndrome. We look after all sorts of animals with health issues that aren’t able to find new homes. It’s a big part of sanctuary life and enables them to continue to enjoy their lives with the special care that’s needed.


He loves to come into the visitor center and likes to pull up a chair at the table. Service please!

Timmy cat teatime
A nice drink after a hard mornings work.

Timmy cat eating

This is the life.

Perry the blackbird loves to come into the center too. He goes straight to the Tombola and views all the prizes. We think he has his eye on the shiny lucky cat. We have lots of collectibles, books, gifts, toys, dvds and an assortment of things people have kindly donated to raise funds for the animals. So if you are looking for a gift, please pop down and have a browse. Perry will be on hand to help you choose. We’ve made him our official sales assistant.

Perry the blackbird at the Tombola

He loves all the attention from visitors and volunteers.

Perry with volunteer
Okay Perry. It’s time to go back out.

Perry blackbird

We are open 365 days a year and cover the whole of the U.K.  For more details on our emergency pet care service and to register your pet’s details so we are ready to help whenever needed, phone us on 07872 421878 or 01246 455777.

Emergency Pet Rescue for Terminally Ill Owners and Bereavements