Curtains pulls himself together

A real ‘street cat name bob’ came into the sanctuary last week. He’d been living rough throughout the cold winter months and nobody seemed to know anything about him. He might have been abandoned. Sometimes people move house and leave the cat behind thinking they will fend for themselves. I guess we’ll never know. Fortunately for curtains, a kind animal lover and supporter of the sanctuary had fed him for a few weeks and eventually she was able to pick him up and bring him into the animal sanctuary. He looked ever so sorry for himself but you could tell he wanted to be loved.

He’s still settling in and is understandably nervous but he’s slowly coming round. We are going to let him settle in a bit more, then it’s off to the vets for a full checkup and vaccinations. Bing and Grondahl, our resident oldies are keeping an eye on him.

bing and grondahl

If you see what you think might be a stray cat in your neighborhood, ask around and maybe post some pictures in local shops or social media to see if anyone is missing a cat. Sometimes cats wander off just a little too far and get lost. There might a be a desperate owner looking for them.  If it looks like a stray cat, give us a call and we’ll do our very best to help.

If you are wondering how Bing and Grondahl came to get their unusual names, they were named after a Danish porcelain manufacturer founded in 1853 by the sculptor Frederik Vilhelm Grøndahl and merchant brothers called Bing.