Izzy Whizzy Lets get busy

Every week new arrivals join the ranks at the sanctuary looking for new homes. It’s cats and dogs, hedgehogs and birds but every so often an animal arrives that is a little more exotic. A beautiful gecko came in recently with the most fabulous markings. Izzy has the colours of a leopard and is a marvel to look at. Geckos are normally found in the wild in warmer climates throughout the world but they have become popular as pets across the UK. They can grow up to 24 inches long. Their eyes are remarkable as they do not have eye lids and so cannot blink. Instead they lick their eyes to keep them clean and moist. They have a fixed lens within each iris that enlarges in darkness to let in more light. Clever stuff. One of the amazing things about Geckos is that they can lose their tail. This process is called autotomy, self amputation. Sounds horrible but they actually use it as a form of self defence. Who wouldn’t retreat at the sight of dismembered limb! They have great climbing abilities thanks to their special toe pads that allow them to climb smooth surfaces. Unlike most of the lizard species, geckos are usually nocturnal.

Izzy has settled down really well at the sanctuary. She is really gentle and good natured. She’s a bit of a wriggler and loves to climb. Curtains are her favourite. We are hoping to find a new home for her and have had lots of interest already. If you would like to come and meet her, pop down to the centre. We are open 10 am till 3 pm daily.

izzy gecko