About the Pet Samaritans

Pet Samaritans Animal Sanctuary

Our Animal Sanctuary is located in Derbyshire and is home to many animals.  We do what’s needed to give every pet a chance at a healthy, happy life in a loving home. Our emergency pet rescue service offers help and assistance 365 days of the year. We provide permanent homes for animals that can’t be re-homed through our Pet Adoption service.

Dogs, cats, goats, ponies, wildlife, farm animals, horses, ponies. how did it all begin? The roots to the sanctuary were planted just after the second world war by a Sheffield man called Colin Bentley. He’d been in the Medical Corp and was sickened by the carnage in North Africa and Italy. While he was horrified by human suffering, he was also haunted by the plight of the animals, especially the horses and mules who were killed in their thousands. When he eventually made it home, he devoted his life to saving animals. Over the years the sanctuary has evolved to become the Pet Samaritans, with the aim to educate, campaign and provide a safe refuse for animals.

We receive no state funding and rely entirely on a team of pet lovers, volunteers and your generosity to keep going. Find out how you can get involved and help the animals today.

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