Pet Samaritans Animal Sanctuary and Wildlife Rescue in Derbyshire

For advice regarding injured wildlife, please call our wildlife rescue helplines on 01246 455777 / 07872 421878. Wildlife admissions are by appointment only. We accept wildlife admissions from across the UK. However, please remember to give us a call first to ensure that we have space available. Appointments are available from 9.30am till 12.00pm and 4.15pm till 5.30pm.

Rachel the Kestrel has been with us just over a month. She arrived extremely weak, underweight and hypothermic. We're excited to share that Rachel is now ready to be moved out of the Wildlife hospital and into one of our outside aviaries, where she will have more space to build up her strength strength. This is an essential part of her rehabilitation.

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Rascal has been moved into the small aviary in the Wildlife Hospital and eating well by himself. He just needs time now for his wing to strengthen up.

Rachel the Kestrel, is putting in lots of weight and her bruising is clearing up. 

Valentino the Sparrow Hawk sadly didn't make it. His wounds were just too much. 

Lucky, Tony, Percy and baby Percy the pigeons are all healing well.

We'll post more photos later.πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ§‘

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Smokey the rabbit making home improvements this morning. We obviously didn't do it right!πŸ˜‰

1yr old Smokey and her neutered friend are still looking for their forever family. They are both fully vaccinated and are looking for a home where they will have lots of space.πŸ’™πŸ§‘πŸ’›

For adoption enquiries, please call us on 01246 455777 or 07872 421878. 

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The radiator in the cat maternity unit has finally given up. It's been with us at least 15 years, and we were its second home, so it hasn't done bad.
We need heating ready for the new mums and their babies this year.πŸˆπŸˆβ€β¬›πŸˆπŸˆβ€β¬›
Can you help? 
We'll pop the link in our Instagram stories or have a look on our Facebook page.
We'll also need someone qualified to fit it.πŸ™

If you would like to contribute towards our new maternity unit radiator, donations can be made securely through our website. 

Late yesterday, on Valentines Day, we had a call regarding an unwell bird of prey near the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield. Its finders were very brave and managed to get it boxed up and brought over to us. The bird, which has been named Valentino, is a Sparrow Hawk who appears to have been shot with an air rifle. The shot caused injury to the wing, which meant he couldn't fly to feed himself or take shelter, and infection has set in. Valentino was hyperthermic, but luckily, due the quick action of his finders is now with us and is feeling a little stronger today already after feeding well through the night with the help of our team.
South Yorkshire Police have been informed of the incident. The penalty for intentionally killing or harming a sparrow hawk is an unlimited fine and/or up to six months in jail. We are waiting for the Wildlife officers to get back to us. 
If you have any information regarding shooting in the surrounding area, please do get in touch.

Looking after birds of prey uses up a huge amount of sanctuary resources. If you would like to help, please consider a donation or join our Wildlife Angel membership from just Β£4 a month.
You can find the link to our website in our bio.


Abandoned on the roadside.πŸ₯Ί
These two gorgeous Silkie Cockerels are looking for a new home. They were found in a taped-up box on a roadside in the Worksop area and are currently being cared for by their rescuers. It doesn't bear thinking how long they had been there or what their fate could have been had they not been found.

If you can offer one of these boys a home (or maybe both!), please give us a call.πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ§‘

☎️ 01246 455777 or 07872 421878 

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Donate supplies direct to the horses and animals through cadmans country store

Wildlife Angels

Are you ready to have a wild time at the Pet Samaritans Wildlife Rescue Open Days? Well, get your Wildlife Angels membership cards ready because this event is exclusively for you! But don’t worry, non-members can also join in on the fun for a small entry fee (suggested donation Β£5 per person).

We take great pride in our wildlife rescue and rehabilitation efforts at the sanctuary. Our dedicated team and volunteers work tirelessly to rehabilitate injured wildlife preparing them for release back into their natural habitats.

We actively engage with schools, home education groups, and local communities to raise awareness about wildlife and wildlife conservation through our open days. Through educational initiatives and hands-on experiences, we want to nurture a deep respect for all living creatures. Wildlife Angels make all this possible.

And that’s where you come in! You can become a Wildlife Angel and make a real difference to the lives of these animals. As a Wildlife Angel, you’ll play a crucial role in supporting our rescue operations and enabling us to provide the necessary care and rehabilitation for these beautiful creatures.

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About our Animal Sanctuary & Wildlife rescue

Pet Samaritans (formerly known as St Bernard’s Animal Sanctuarty) and Wildlife Rescue centre is located in derbyshire. Our facilities are home to abandoned, orphaned, injured and unwanted pets, dog, cats, horses, ponies, small animals and wildlife. The centre provides a pet adoption service but if animals are not able to find a new home, they stay with us for life.

Leave a Legacy to the animals – Running an animal sanctuary requires a huge amount of resources and a legacy to the Pet Samaritans would ensure we have enough funds to continue our work and help all animals, great and small, in our care.

If you are thinking of leaving us a legacy and would like us to look after your pets, please get in touch with us to make arrangements for them and we’ll send you out our legacy pack.

Our wildlife rescue service in runs throughout the year. Our mission is to help rehabilitate wildlife and hedgehogs before releasing them back into the wild. If you would like to support local wildlife in your area, you can help by becoming a Wildlife Angel.

Promoting animal welfare is a big part of animal sanctuary life. Through schools, home education groups and local communities, we promote animal knowledge, care and wildlife awareness.

We offer an emergency pet care service and lifetime care for pets when owners can no longer look after them. Many of our rescued animals are unsuitable for re-homing. Safe at Last, they stay with us for life.

Our Pet bereavement line on 07872 421878 is open everyday for owners who have lost a pet. It can be hard coming to terms with the loss of a friend and we are hear to help.

We operate all year round and accept wildlife admissions from across the UK. Please call first to make an appointment.