Pet Samaritans Animal Sanctuary and Wildlife Rescue in Derbyshire

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We know your pets mean everything to you and our Lifetime Pet care program gives peace of mind to owners just like you that we’ll always be there for them. 
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About Our Work to Help Animals & British Wildlife rescue

Our centre is home to abandoned, orphaned, injured and unwanted pets, dog, cats, horses, ponies, small animals and wildlife. We encourage Pet adoptions to find a loving home for them but if they are unable to be adopted, they stay with us for life.

Our wildlife rescue service in Derbyshire operates throughout the year to help rehabilitate injured, sick and orphaned wildlife and hedgehogs brought into the centre. Our wildlife angels program is dedicated to the rescue, care and rehabilitation of British wildlife with the aim of releasing back into the wild.

Through campaigning, schools, education and local communities, we promote animal welfare, knowledge and care for the next generation of pet and wildlife lovers.

We provide an emergency pet care service with lifetime care for pets whose owners are unable to care for them and give priority to pets who are bereaved or whose owners have had to go into hospital or a care home. No healthy pet is ever put to sleep. Many of our rescued animals are unsuitable for re-homing. Safe at Last, they stay with us for life.

Our Pet bereavement line on 07872 421878 is open everyday for owners who have lost a pet. It can be hard coming to terms with the loss of a friend and we are hear to help.

We operate all year round and accept admissions from across the UK. Our visitor and wildlife admission opening times are 10am – 3.00pm everyday.

Many Thanks for supporting our work. We couldn’t do any of this without you!