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Life is full of uncertainty and if the worst happens who will look after a beloved cat or dog? Pet Samaritans have been ‘here to help for over twenty years. 

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In times of need we are here to help

The Pet Samaritans provide emergency pet rescue across the UK for owners with terminal illnesses or bereavements were pets have been left without support. If you are worried about what will happen to your pets if anything happens to you, please get in touch and ask how we can help.

By supporting our Lifetime Pet Care program, you can help us to care for pets who have lost their owners and provide essential support to find them new homes. If we can’t find them a suitable home through our successful pet adoptions program, they will stay with us at the sanctuary and become part of our family. If your pets should be re-homed and for any reason the new owners could not look after them in the future, they would always come back to us. Our Lifetime Care really means for Life.

We’ll send you our welcome pack in the post with all our details and emergency pet care card to give to friends and family or your emergency contact should you need us. Please feel free to get in touch to tell us about your pets. A written CV telling us all about them will be of great help and can be sent to Pet Samaritans Lifetime Care, broomhill road, old whittington, chesterfield, S41 9EA. If you need to talk to us about your pets, please give us a call on 07872 42187

Losing A Pet

Losing a beloved pet can be devastating. We understand the pain and heartache that comes with saying goodbye to a friend. That’s why at Pet Samaritans, we offer a pet bereavement helpline to provide support during these difficult times. Our caring team is here to lend an ear and offer guidance as you navigate through your grief.

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the loss of your pet, remember that Pet Samaritans is here for you. We may not have all the answers but we understand that sometimes, a little support can go a long way.

Hurley Cat Adopt

Did you know The typical annual cost of a cat is around £1000 per year.

We have helped provide homes for cats, dogs, small animals, horses, ponies, cows, goats, sheep, rabbits, donkeys and just about any four legged friend you can think of.   We never put any healthy pet to sleep and give them a happy and comfortable life with the very best of love and affection. Our sanctuary is run by a team of animal lovers with a passion for helping animals and wildlife.

Cristo safe thanks to Lifetime Pet Care
Cristo’s owner became ill and could no longer care for him. He stayed with us until we found him a new forever home.

We have residential care facilities and our ‘golden oldies’ can stay with us for the rest of their lives if we cannot find a suitable new home for them.

We use natural farming methods with access to plenty of land, so younger and larger dogs can have as much as exercise as they need.  Cats too, are loved and well cared for with freedom to explore and join in with sanctuary life.

The loving and laid back, home from home lifestyle suits our residents.  Our oldest feline resident lived to be 25 years, a Jack Russell still going strong at 18 years and a pony who made it to 55!

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If you would like to know about our Lifetime Pet Care service, please give us a call on 07872 421878 and we’ll be happy to see if we can help.
If you are looking for Pet Insurance or Pet Medical Cover, please visit Pet Plan UK who offer a range of monthly cover options for your pet.