Remember the Spanish Cats

We’d like to remember the life of Irene who passed away on the 8th of February. Irene was an animal lover all her life and contacted the Pet Samaritans to see if we could help with her Spanish Cats she had rescued and brought back into the UK. They’d had a rough time as ‘street’ cats before being rescued and brought back to the U.K. by this wonderful cat lover.

They were all spooky and frightened at first, they’d had such a lot of change in their lives.  We eventually managed to re-home three of them, the other three are still here.  They like to be left alone and don’t respond well the human contact – you can take the cat out of the street, but can you take the street out of the cat!  They are survivors though and have a good quality of life – just don’t try to pick them up!

Irenes daughter has setup a just giving page for anybody wishing to donate in memory of her ‘mam’. Instead of flowers for her funeral, money raised will be split between 2 charities, “BIADS” and “Pet Samaritans”