Bear Grylls Snow Survival at the Sanctuary

We are snowed in at the sanctuary and it has been all hands on deck to look after the animals. We are having to make the best of it and hope it won’t last long. We’ve implemented Bear Gryll survival protocols just to get through it all. Extra layers, gloves, warm wellies and lots of hot drinks are keeping us moving. Trips to feed and water all the horses and sheep has been a mammoth task. The animals need lots of water as they drink more when it is cold. Hay racks have been filled to the brim and warming feeds given through out the day. If you can help cover the cost of food bills (we need £100 every week just to keep the hay racks stocked up), please make a donation via our emergency snow appeal link below.


We are adding a 4 x 4 UTV vehicle to our wish list  If you would like to sponsor one, give us a call! Carrying water tubs and hay bales in the snow is no joke. We’ve bought a lottery ticket, so fingers crossed.

The little ponies are all safe and sound in the barn and thankful for the indoor shelter. The snow drifts are bigger than they are!

Little ponies snowed in

The sheep have been waiting by the gates for their feeds. We have found a lovely home for violet (one of the sheep who came into the sanctuary for re-homing) who’s going to live on a small holding with a companion.

The ducks are all quackers over the snow. It’s so cold but they still love to have a swim about. They must be mad!

Ducks love the snow

Hopefully the snow won’t last too long this time. If you can help in anyway, we’d be so grateful.