Cats Cruelly Abandoned at Sanctuary

It was quite a shock when we found two cats abandoned at our gates. We think they had been dumped during the night and were freezing cold when we found them in the morning. Whoever they belonged too had left a note which didn’t leave us much to go on.  It’s sad to see this still happens. Imagine if we didn’t exist? Who would have helped them.

The cats were in an awful state with missing fur, ear mites and scabs. They are most likely full of worms and we will treat them as soon as they have recovered a bit. Despite what they have been through, they have a good fighting spirit. Dumping cats this way is a horrible thing to do and these cats deserve a second chance.

abandoned cats

We took them inside and warmed them up. They must have been so cold cramped up in that tiny wooden box without food or water. The poor things were starving and wolfed down some food. They are slowly pulling round and so grateful for the love and attention they are getting. When they are a bit stronger, we will take them to the vets for a full medical checkup.

Emergencies likes this places a great strain on the resources of our small sanctuary so if you can help with a donation towards their vets treatments and rehabilitation, it would be greatly appreciated. We’ll let you know how they get on.


Their ears were full of gunk and ear mites.

Ear treatment