Snow Lambs as blizzard hits UK

We thought we’d seen the last of the snow but the recent blizzard has been snow joke. Our sheep have an essential role at the Sanctuary. They keep the grass down for the horses and make excellent companions for the old timers. They clean all the fields too, making sure it is free of worms and weeds. Without them we would have to use expensive farm machinery and spraying to maintain the grass land. We prefer to do things naturally and use organic methods to keep the balance with nature.

It was quite a panic when the blizzard hit. Animals were rounded up and brought into stables and barns. It was a miracle we found a little lamb that had just been born. Some of our ladies aren’t due for a few more weeks but this little one had decided to come early. It was cold and fading fast but we remembered an old farmers trick of popping it in a blanket and placing it in a bottom oven to warm it up.

Lamb in oven

Sure enough, a few minutes heat therapy and it sprang back to life.

We reunited the little lamb back with it’s mother who was grateful to see her lamb fit and well. Both mum and little one are doing really well. We’ve decided to call her snowdrop.

It’s been so cold, persuading the dogs to go out for toilet breaks has took some doing. Zeta our resident oldie didn’t fancy going out in the snow on her usual rounds to inspect the animals. Much too cold. Instead she decided to make her own snow indoors!

Perry the blackbird came in for a warm too. He’s a funny little bird.

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