Kittens stay snug

Re-homed – thanks folks.

Miss Calico kitten is a proper little lady – she always finds the cosiest place to sleep and gets herself really snug.   We’re looking for a home for this ginger, tabby, black and white kitten – no need to check whether she’s male or female because all cats this colour are girls.  So that was easy.   She has a charming way with her and is laid back and polite – at the same time she’s very playful and loves ping-pong balls and screwed up silver paper.   All the kittens have different personalities – Flashman is definitely a poseur!

Re-homed – thanks folks. He’s also the extrovert of this little gang.   They are all good friends although not related.   There are also two all blacks in the group, one a bit smaller than the other.   Black cats aren’t called ‘lucky’ for nothing – without any harm to themselves they are said to absorb negative influences, keeping them away from you.   I particularly like black cats whether they are lucky or not, there’s something very reassuring and grounding in seeing a black cat slipping in and out of the shadows.  Like all cats they have their special secret places.   The black cats we already have in the sanctuary all do their own thing and have private lives, only coming out to chat when they feel like it.   And that’s good, cats should be cats some of the time at least.

Now it’s playtime and a tunnel is a great hideaway.

We also have a beautiful beige tortie kitten and a couple of tabbies.  Please come and meet them if you are interested in adopting a kitten.