Disabled pets need lots of care

We have many disabled animals in the sanctuary and we give them a permanent home.  Often it’s because they would not fit in with the lifestyle of an average household.   This wasn’t the case with little Loveday, the kitten shown above.  Would anyone want her?   Although perfectly fit and well, her disability would make her more vulnerable.   Cats turn their head to see instead of flicking their eyes and Loveday has to move quite a lot to get vision on her right side.   She needed a really special home but our Pet Samaritans didn’t let us down.   A couple of especially kind and caring cat lovers have adopted Loveday and also taken her sister Columbine to help her adjust and to keep her company.  Having a best friend with her will make all the difference.   Thank you so much for giving these two lovely little kits a loving home and making the happy ending possible.  In the midst of all the  animal cruelty it’s easy to lose sight of how much goodness there is too.

Here are a few of our other disabled sanctuary residents:

Jack Spratt – brought in with a front leg missing, three breaks to one of his hind legs and a broken pelvis.  He was tied  up when he was found and was emaciated.

Miss Nolene – Had a huge hernia which caused paralysis of her back legs.   A very expensive operation at a veterinary hospital saved her, although she can get around she does not have full mobility.

Gregory – has a broken wing, it’s healed up now but he is a bit lop sided when he walks and can’t use it.

Chester – an elderly mini pony – he had been injured at a market when we rescued him many years ago.  His shoulder had a fracture and it has affected his mobility.  Chester has become arthritic as he has aged and has to have special supplements and a visit from the farrier every four weeks to keep him well.

Krystal – was blinded in a horrific attack, her skull was fractured and her right eye had to be removed.   It took her a long while to get well and she is still nervous of strangers.

Some of our other disabled sanctuary residents include  have Stormer, a brown and white gelding, who we rescued from  a meat market after he had been hit in the eye and blinded.   Yum-yum a little cat brought in with such a badly damaged eye that it could not be saved.   Beulah, a big horse whose feet were so worn down when we rescued her from a meat market, that they were raw and she could not walk.   Bridget, a little foal with difficulties with her front legs.   They all have a home for life with us and need special care.

If you’d like to adopt one of our disabled animals please get in touch – email, write or phone – 01246 455777.   We’ll send you our adoption pack, more info, pictures and regular updates.    We hope for around £15.00 per year but any donation is much appreciated.  [donate]