Pet Samaritans Animal Sanctuary and Wildlife Rescue in Derbyshire

For advice regarding injured wildlife, please call our wildlife rescue helplines on 01246 455777 / 07872 421878. Wildlife admissions are by appointment only. We accept wildlife admissions from across the UK. However, please remember to give us a call first to ensure that we have space available. Appointments are available from 9.30am till 12.00pm and 4.15pm till 5.30pm.

Snickers was brought to us yesterday by a caring young Pet Samaritan after a man brought three kittens to a pub in Hillsborough, Sheffield, on Thursday night, threatening to release them in the street.๐Ÿคฌ
If anyone has any news about what happened to the other two, please let us know.
Snickers had a bath straight on arrival as he was covered in fleas and really dirty. He was wormed too and then put in our fabulous Brinsea Booder/incubator to dry off and warm up for a little while.
This morning, Snickers is cosy and warm with a belly full of food. A world away from a few days ago.

Snickers will be looking for a family to call his own once he's ready.

Please consider supporting Snickers with a donation. Your support helps us to be able to help more animals in need.๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›
Gilbert was found on an allotment with his back legs tangled in netting. Thankfully, he was spotted and cut free and brought over to us to help remove the netting and check him over. Gilbert has no serious injuries and, after a bit of food, was feeling much better. It could have been a very different story, however, if he hadn't been noticed so quickly.
Make sure to check your outside spaces every day for any wildlife that might be trapped. 

Support our wildlife hospital by becoming a Wildlife Angel member. Find out more here โฌ‡๏ธ

Juniper and Poppy are becoming best of friends. 

Beautiful Oreo was brought to us yesterday because her mum needs to move into a supported living environment due to her health and mobility issues. It's a heartbreaking story and one that we are asked to help with often as pets are usually not allowed to go with them.
We understand that pets are an extra cost, and the logistics may be a little challenging, but the benefits would surely outweigh these? 
Pets are often the only reason for someone to get up in the morning. They are companionship during the day, someone to talk to or snuggle up with to watch tv, and they are often security at night. They offer the feeling of being loved and needed and give a purpose.

Oreo is just 18 months old and is in good health. We will let her settle and get to know her a bit better as she is understandably a little shell-shocked. We will then start looking for her new family.

We have lots of wonderful adult cats looking for forever homes. If you are looking for a new feline companion, please get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’™

You can contact us on 01246 455777 or 07872 421878.
Who has been a naughty boy? We've kept telling Alfie (the African Grey Parrot) that the bobbies will come for him if he doesn't stop swearing....

Officers Spencer and Becky are based at Matlock Police station and are part of the Derbyshire Rural Crime team. They popped in to see us yesterday to discuss the reporting process of unlawful shooting, trapping and poisoning of wildlife. Sadly, it's something we see too often. 

If you are worried about wildlife being injured or killed in your area, please contact your local rural crime team, or alternatively give us a call, and we can pass on the details.
FOUND - Hady, Chesterfield.

This beautiful young canary was found this morning. It was extremely distressed, tired, and hungry but is now safe in our care.

If you think this may be your bird, please get in touch. 01246 455777 or 07872 421878.  You will need evidence of ownership. 

Growing up and making new friends.๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ’›

Remember, it's 'Wildlife Angel Morning' every Thursday and Saturday, 10am until 12pm. Free entry for members, ยฃ5 for non-members. Come and meet the animals in our care and learn about their rehabilitation.
Find out more about the Wildlife Angels membership on our website, give us a call, or pop into see us.
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Donate supplies direct to the horses and animals through cadmans country store

Wildlife Angels

Are you ready to have a wild time at the Pet Samaritans Wildlife Rescue Open Days? Well, get your Wildlife Angels membership cards ready because this event is exclusively for you! But don’t worry, non-members can also join in on the fun for a small entry fee (suggested donation ยฃ5 per person).

We take great pride in our wildlife rescue and rehabilitation efforts at the sanctuary. Our dedicated team and volunteers work tirelessly to rehabilitate injured wildlife preparing them for release back into their natural habitats.

We actively engage with schools, home education groups, and local communities to raise awareness about wildlife and wildlife conservation through our open days. Through educational initiatives and hands-on experiences, we want to nurture a deep respect for all living creatures. Wildlife Angels make all this possible.

And that’s where you come in! You can become a Wildlife Angel and make a real difference to the lives of these animals. As a Wildlife Angel, you’ll play a crucial role in supporting our rescue operations and enabling us to provide the necessary care and rehabilitation for these beautiful creatures.

Find out more about becoming a Wildlife Angel

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Wildlife rescue guides for frequently asked questions

About our Animal Sanctuary & Wildlife rescue

Pet Samaritans (formerly known as St Bernard’s Animal Sanctuarty) and Wildlife Rescue centre is located in derbyshire. Our facilities are home to abandoned, orphaned, injured and unwanted pets, dog, cats, horses, ponies, small animals and wildlife. The centre provides a pet adoption service but if animals are not able to find a new home, they stay with us for life.

Leave a Legacy to the animals – Running an animal sanctuary requires a huge amount of resources and a legacy to the Pet Samaritans would ensure we have enough funds to continue our work and help all animals, great and small, in our care.

If you are thinking of leaving us a legacy and would like us to look after your pets, please get in touch with us to make arrangements for them and weโ€™ll send you out our legacy pack.

Our wildlife rescue service in runs throughout the year. Our mission is to help rehabilitate wildlife and hedgehogs before releasing them back into the wild. If you would like to support local wildlife in your area, you can help by becoming a Wildlife Angel.

Promoting animal welfare is a big part of animal sanctuary life. Through schools, home education groups and local communities, we promote animal knowledge, care and wildlife awareness.

We offer an emergency pet care service and lifetime care for pets when owners can no longer look after them. Many of our rescued animals are unsuitable for re-homing. Safe at Last, they stay with us for life.

Our Pet bereavement line on 07872 421878 is open everyday for owners who have lost a pet. It can be hard coming to terms with the loss of a friend and we are hear to help.

We operate all year round and accept wildlife admissions from across the UK. Please call first to make an appointment.