Cat adoption who will you choose?

All of our permanent sanctuary residents are available for sponsorship – a yearly donation of £10.00 helps with their care and you are welcome to come and see them and bring treats.  Your ‘adopted’ cat will usually get to know you and look forward to your visits, especially if you bring pouches or chopped chicken!

This is Daphne, who is approx. 6 years old.   She is loving and good natured, a real lady and a fussy eater.  Daphne came in as a stray but never wanted to be re-homed, she bonded with us from the start and decided she’d like to stay here.    She is especially beautiful and has a placid personality.  Although she is long haired she is a fastidious cat and manages to keep herself free of knots.  Daphne has had kittens in the past but is now spayed.

Dorcas is shy and doesn’t like to be picked up unless she knows you.   This lovely beige long haired cat likes plenty of space.  She is quite serious minded but gets on well with all the other cats, she is not flighty or inclined to squabble.   A bit of a loner actually.

Mischa is a ‘golden-oldie’, she’s been here for eight years.  Mischa was found in a salt  box at the side of the road with 4 kittens.   She is a real softie and is as good as she is beautiful.   Mischa is very placid and loving, we have never seen her get her claws out and she gets on with everyone and all the other cats.   She still has one of her daughters with her and the pair are inseparable.


And this is Myrtle, one of those original kittens!   She still loves her mum, the pair of them are best friends and never far away from each other.   Myrtle is a bit of a character and likes a lot of fuss.   She is also quite set in her ways and likes meals at very regular times.   We have never heard Myrtle miaw although she does purr a lot.

Bing is very much an outdoors cat although she will come in for the heated pad from time to time.  She is an independent cat and a determined hunter.  Bing was brought in with her sister Grondhel when they were both just kittens.   Although fussy and friendly they like to roam and go ‘wild-wood-ing’.   We often see them far away down the fields.   City life would hold no attraction for these two free spirits.

Patrick is the best mouser ever.   He is laid back and friendly, but likes to do his own thing.  He came in as a stray and didn’t want to be re-homed.  At first he wasn’t so friendly but now he is a perfect pet.   Not when he is after a mouse though, then he is a determined and fierce hunter.   Cats are only good mousers when they have been taught to hunt by their mother, so Patrick must have had a mummy who was a hunter too.

This is Rackham who was quite frail when he first came in.   The problem was his teeth and the vet thought he wouldn’t make it at one stage.   We were determined to save him though and after having most of his teeth extracted he began to pull round.   Soft pouches for Rackham from now on.  He is a gem of a cat, extremely affectionate and appreciative.

You can sponsor any of our cats for only £10.00 per year – we’ll send you a photograph of your cat mounted on card and details of their life and personality.   Who will you choose?    Send us your details and tell us who you like best.   We’ll keep in touch with regular updates.   Daphne?    Dorcas?   Mischa?   Myrtle?   Bing?   Rackham?   Decisions, decisions.

We have many more cats and hope to showcase them all in due course.