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Stray makes best ever pet

When Merlin first came in as a stray he was a bedraggled and sad little dog.  We cleaned him up, gave him lots of love and he soon settled down.   Why wasn’t he claimed?   We’ll never know because Merlin has the most super temperament and never put a paw wrong.

Just as Merlin was handed over to us, a lady enquired whether we had any small dogs in.   We told her about Merlin and she came over to see him.    For Mary and Merlin it was love at first sight.   Within minutes he was sitting on her knee and looking as though he’d always been her dog.

That was several years ago and Merlin has gone on to do great things – he has taken part in sponsored walks and is an old hand at competitions, winning many first prizes and championships.

A recent win has prompted Mary to write the following poem about her much loved ‘forever friend’ –


His eyes peeped out through a grey and white fringe.
They were black as night but shone like jet
They stared and stared unblinking
And then our eyes met.

It was the 8th day of his stay in kennels
No-one had claimed him, no-one cared
No-one to tell us his story in life
No-one could vouch for the breeds that he shared

I sat and waited as he gazed my way
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps he’d choose me
Then with the hint of a grin, lightly he sprang
Gently so gently up onto my knee

And then he just sat, he sighed and relaxed
I dared not move, stayed still as a log
But already I knew that at last I had found
My new pal, my boy, my ideal dog.

Thanks Mary for giving Merlin such a wonderful home and for  keeping in touch – our love and hugs to Merlin too.

In praise of the dog

A lady called Gladys, who is in her eighties, recently sent us these lovely lines she’d written herself all about dogs.  The words fit Jack Spratt and Nolene perfectly, they are the most faithful and loving dogs ever.   Gladys has called her poem ‘A Man’s Best Friend’ –

A faithful dog will play with you and laugh with you or cry.

He’ll gladly starve to stay with you nor ever reason why,

And when you’re feeling out of sorts somehow he’ll understand,

He’ll watch you with his shining eyes and try to lick your hand.

His blind implicit faith in you is matched by his great love,

The kind that all of us should have in the master up above.

When everything is said and done I guess this isn’t odd,

For when you spell ‘dog’ backwards, you will get the name of God.

Any more poets out there?   We’d love to hear from you.   Or if you have a favourite animal poem please send it us.

My dog

The one who listens when I talk,  

The one who cheers my lonely walk.  

The one who comforts when I sigh,  

The one who nuzzles when I cry.

Who else could match my every move? 

Who else would feast on scraps of food? 

Who else would prompt this monologe?   

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