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Do you recognise this sweet lady?

She was found in the Tibshelf area last night in a heartbreaking condition.
We believe her to be an eldery lady that has been someones pet as she is very sweet and extremely talkative. She is not microchipped.
She looks to have severe dental conditions due to the way she is eating and has some infection around her bottom lip. Her left eye is ulcerated with awful wounds above the eye. She has lost the fur on her back legs we assume due her being very unsteady on them and has a very dirty bottom. She is also worryingly underweight. The full scale of her injuries and medical conditions have not yet been fully assessed but once we know more we will update.🧡💛💙

If you have any information please give us a call on 01246 455777 or 07872 421878. If you can't get through please leave us a voice mail or send a text.
Poppy, Lucy and Lady has a trip to Staveley Vets this week for vaccinations and health checks. This was actually Lady's third attempt to start vaccinations as at the previous appointments there was question mark if she might be pregnant. Lady was putting weight on at an astronomical rate. The conclusion is that Lady just likes her food!
Unfortunately, Lucy's health check revealed one of our worst nightmares.....BAD TEETH! Lucy needs some extreme dental treatment, possibly resulting in removing most of her teeth. The worst case scenario quote is £579.88. Poor Lucy's elderly owner passed away not so long ago and she was left in the house while it was being emptied around her. She's such a gentle soul. Lucy is believed to only be around 5yrs and it's unusual to have such bad teeth at this age.

Cases like Lucy's put a huge financial strain on the sanctuary.
Can you spare a few £'s towards Lucy's care? Donations can be made securely through the link below. Add reference: Lucy's Dental treatment in the comments box so we know your donation is towards her care.
Shiver with his two new friends, Stanley who had got stuck alone near some steps in Sheffield and Andy from North Yorkshire whose rescuer witnessed his mum and siblings being run over by a large truck. The gentleman tried to get the truck to stop but was ignored with unforgivable fatal consequences for the mother and the rest of her brood.
Eddie (renamed Odi) has found his new family and we're so very excited for him. We can't wait to receive updates!💛💙🧡

If you are considering adopting a cat then give us a call. 01246 455777 or 07872 421878.
Duckling season has started and the calls are coming in thick and fast for our services. 
Ducklings can get separted from their family group for a variety of reasons. They need their mum to survive though, not only to keep them warm, sheltered and fed but also to protect them. Ducks are extremely territorial (especially mallards) and will not accept any outsiders nearby. This includes ducklings that are not their own. Adult ducks will become extremely aggressive if an outsiders gets too close with fatal results for any duckling that has strayed.

Below are some of the ducklings in our care. They will form a new family group at the Sanctuary and be released together.💛💙🧡

1. Ducky from Sheffield 
2. Shiver from Sheffield 
3.Puddle Duck from Chesterfield Royal Hospital 
4. Matilda from Matlock

PLEASE SUPPORT US. Wildlife season is in full swing and uses a huge amount of resources.
The power of social media has worked its magic!
Bertie, who's actual name is Ed has gone home today after being missing for a very long time. The family are so incredibly happy to have their boy back and Ed was excited to see his family too. Can see the smile on his face?

Ed is booked to see the owners vet this evening who will liase with our vets, Staveley Vets and make a plan of action. The antibiotics seems to be working working already as the swelling are going down and Ed is feeling much more spritely.

A big thank you to everyone that sent your positive energy our way. We love a happy ending.💙💛🧡
Swift season started yesterday with Sid from Sheffield who had a run in with a Magpie and Susie from Shirebrook, Nottinghamshire who was found on her back soaking wet.

Swifts have just started returning from their long flight from Africa where they have spent the winter months keeping warm. Have you spotted any yet?

The swift is a superb flyer. Sleeping, eating, bathing and even mating on the wing, swifts rarely touch the ground and when they do can sometimes get grounded and need help getting back into the air.

After their extremely long flight back to the Uk swifts have one thing on their minds - to mate. Swifts pair for life, returning to the same site each year for a little nest renovation before laying and incubating their eggs. 
Swifts were added to Red list in the 2021 UK Conservation Status Report due to the substantial decline in numbers.

We have updated our Amazon wish list and added 'live' food which is necessary for the Swifts (and other birds) in our care.

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Steven passed away Monday night. He'd been happy and well the day before and looked peaceful when we found him. We can only hope he didn't suffer.
Steven Seagull arrived 6yrs ago as a young gull that unfortunately never managed to fly. Those who met Steven will know he wasn't just an ordinary gull......
Over the years he touched many hearts with his shenanigans. He loved collecting toys, especially ones shaped as snowmen.⛄️He's babysat many of the young gulls that have come into our care over the years, showed them ropes and made them feel safe until they were ready to leave.
Steven had a little fan club too that would bring him fish and even a few chips now and again.
He was such a character that will be greatly missed. The duck yard will feel very quiet without him.
Rest in peace Steven.💙💛🧡

#stevenseagal #stevenseagull 
Blackie the fledgling Blackbird was brought in from Buxton yesterday after being attacked by a Corvid and as a result suffered an awful head wound.

The little fledgling will stay with us until the wounds have healed and s/he is ready to fledge. When fledglings are removed from an area for rehabilitation its parents will soon move on with life and at this time of year will start preparing for their next clutch.

For the best chance of survival Blackie will be released with other blackbirds that have been rehabilitating together. This group will form a new family.

Please consider supporting us.
If you can managed a donation when you bring an animal to us, it helps towards the costs of looking after it.
Another visit to Staveley Vets yesterday. Tiger had his second vaccination and Poppy her first vaccination. Lady is going to have to wait a little longer to start her vaccinations though as after another health check we're still not sure if she's pregnant. Lady is looking so much healthier now she's having regular meals and her skin is healing well from the severe flea infestation she arrived with.💙🧡💛

We have lots of wonderful pets looking for new families to call their own. If you are looking to adopt visit the new adoptions page on our website.⬇️⬇️⬇️

Or give us a call on 01246 455777 or 07872 421878.
Kitten season is well underway and we are in desperately need of donations to HELP.

For the mums...
🧡Cat meat in Jelly 
💛Purina One Cat Biscuits 
💙Woodbased Cat Litter
🧡Tinned Sardines in Oil

For the kittens...
💛Kitten Meat in Jelly
💙Purina One Kitten Biscuits
🧡Royal Canin Babycat milk

You can donate through our website ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Our Amazon Wishlist ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Or drop items off at our DONATION STATION located in our car park between 10am and 5pm, 7days a week.
Four baby rabbits from Barlow, Derbyshire came in yesterday after their nest was accidentally damaged. Benjamin, Peter, Cottontail and Flopsy are estimated to be nearly 3weeks old so are almost ready to be independent. We'll monitor them and hopefully they'll be ready for release soon.💛💙🧡

📸 The set up for Benjamin, Peter, Cottontail and Flopsy. Insert- Flopsy. Once the rabbits have had their initial check handling is kept to an absolute minimum as they get stressed very easily.
(this is a stock image and not the actual ferret in our care).

If you have lost a Ferret with Polecat colouring please get in touch. You will need proof of ownership. The animal has very distinctive markings.

The ferret was found in Nottinghamshire on the 15th April 2022 and was brought to us over the weekend. We are  waiting for a more information regarding the location it was found and will update the post accordingly.

You can contact us on 01246 455777 and 07872 421878. 
Or you can send us some photos with details, such as sex and any distinctive markings of your missing ferret through messenger. The messenger link can be found at the top of our Facebook page Pet Samaritans & Wildlife Angels.
The Wildlife Hospital is getting busy....

Galaxy the Goldfinch from Sheffield came in with missing feathers and not able to fly. We are treating as a possible cat attack with antibiotics.

Peter the pigeon was found limping. Thank you Staveley Vets for confirming nothing is broken. Peter despite his size is too young to fly. He's also struggling to feed himself still. 

Baby Bert the tiny Blackbird was found on a garden which is obviously not where it should be. Again we are treating for possible cat involvement as a precaution although it could be other animals or the recent winds that were involved.

Another young pigeon who has a run in with a cat in Old Whittington, Chesterfield.

Mac the Blackbird was involved in a cat attack in Brimmington, Chesterfield and is missing tail feathers and has an injured wing.

Bob the Pigeon was found on a car park not looking too good. He's been checked over by Chapel House Vets. He's got a sore leg and is still too young to fly and also needs a little help still to feed.

Jack the Hedgehog was found out in the day on his back in a garden in Newbold, Chesterfield. He's a biggish Hedgehog weighing 570grams on arrival but extremely dehydrated and underweight for his size.

Sadly Baby Bert hasn't made it but the others are all being treated in our brand new wildlife hospital 🏥 and will stay with us until ready for release.💙💛🧡

📸 ⬇️
We are looking for volunteers that are a bit 'HANDY' to help fix things around the Sanctuary.💛💙🧡

If you feel this role has your name on it then please get in touch. In return for your time and skills we will keep you well fuelled up with tea and biscuits and plenty of cuddles with the animals.