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Sally and Dennis are just two of many hedgehogs in our Wildlife hospital currently. Both are very small and  were found out during the day looking unwell.
The extreme weather conditions are playing havoc with wildlife, and it's having a significant negative impact on juveniles trying to make it on their own.

Have you noticed wildlife struggling this year?

There's are lots of ways to support our work. Visit our website for more information or pop in to see us. 
We'll be at the Clowne Gala tomorrow.πŸ’™πŸ’›πŸ§‘

We'll be very grateful for any Tombola contributions.
They can be dropped off today
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We're open 10am - 12.30pm this morning and then again 4.15pm - 5.30pm.
The Uplifting Symbolism of the White Dove

White doves are thought to bring peace and good fortune. A symbol of hope and renewal, the dove has often been associated with messages of harmony and the promise of a brighter tomorrow. Its presence in various cultural and spiritual contexts highlights its enduring significance as a messenger of peace and a symbol of compassion and unity.

We have many doves that have chosen to make the Pet Samaritans and Wildlife Angels their home. They love our garden. It's nice to think their presence has a significant meaning.πŸ§‘πŸ’™πŸ’›

🎬 - breakfast time for the resident white doves.
A huge THANK YOU to those who came to our Emergency Fundraising meeting on Sunday.
We're now on a roll to put some of the ideas into action. This week, we will be sharing with you the many ways you can help. Please get involved and help keep the centre open.

Helen, a long-time supporter, has started the week off setting up an online fundraiser.
Please share it with all your friends and family.

If you would like to be involved with any fundraising activities, please join our volunteer group on Facebook.
Not on Facebook...don't worry, just get in touch.

Warmest wishes 
Wow, what a day!β˜”οΈβ˜”οΈβ˜”οΈ
We thought we'd time travelled and woken up in November this morning. Lots of very cold and wet wildlife needed our services today. Also, several birds arrived with injuries caused by vehicles. Visibility has been so poor at times due to the rain.

Don't forget you can support us by visiting our website and clicking on the DONATE link.πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’™
Water bill woes.
Our water bill has quadrupled with all the ducks and wildlife brought into the centre over the last few months. We released over 20 ducks just a few days back and have more on their way to being released back into the wild. We need to payΒ Β£442.23 to keep everything flowing and the ducks splashing. 
Can you help?πŸ™
You can make a donation online through our website Β or pop down to the centre to pledge in person.
We'll be at the Coal Aston Gala today. 
Come and say hi!πŸ’™πŸ§‘πŸ’›

Don't forget it's our Emergency Fundraising meeting this Sunday 11am.  We need your support.πŸ™

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We always need:
🧑Woodbased Cat Litter 
πŸ’™Good Quality Cat and Kitten Biscuits 
πŸ’›Cat and Kitten Meat in Jelly

At the moment, we also need: πŸ™
Duck & Goose pellets, Wild Bird Seed, Chick Crumbs and Wood Shavings. 
Visit our Cadmans Wishlist to place an order.

We also use a large amount of Live Insects and Raw Food. We purchase this as we need it due to the shorter shelf life. 
You can make a donation towards this through our website and support the Owls, Kestrels, Swifts and Swallows currently in our care.⬇️⬇️⬇️

The links can all be found on our website. πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ§‘
Another release day today. This time, it was a group of pigeons. They have all come in with various injuries over the last few months and have healed well. Filming them proved a challenge, though, as they all flew off in different directions! 

Please support us and help keep the centre open.
Another successful duckling release today. 22 this time! 
They all came to us as tiny little ducklings. Many of this group were rescued from the courtyards at Chesterfield Royal Hospital. Ducks have been making their nests in the courtyards for years, but sadly, the ducklings are being picked off by predators soon after hatching.πŸ€πŸ¦… 
We've saved hundreds of ducklings from the courtyards over the last few years. Project 'Royal Ducklings' has been a huge financial commitment for the sanctuary, but hopefully, the help has been appreciated.

If you would like to support the ducklings in our care, please follow the DONATE button on our website to make a donation.
Save the date! 
Find out what your garden has been missing and help to raise much needed funds for the Pet Samaritans and Wildlife Angels.
Baby Kestrels.πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’™
These nestlings were brought to us after the tree that was housing their nest was cut down. The tree surgeons doing the work had checked the nest and were convinced the nest was empty. On arrival, the young Kestrels were extremely weak and dehydrated, suggesting they hadn't been fed for some time. They wouldn't have survived without intervention.
Maybe this is why the tree surgeons missed them? What happened to the parents? So many questions.
Our team will do their best to rear them and get them ready for release. 

If you would like to support their care, please consider a donation. 
Or become a Wildlife Angel Member and enjoy being part of our ever growing community.
Find out more ways to help on our website.
Does anyone have a GAZEBO we can borrow this weekend?🀞
One of our fabulous volunteers is running a Pet Samaritans and Wildlife Angels stall at the Coal Aston Gala this Saturday.

Please give us a call if you can help. 
01246 455777/ 07872 421878
When Toto arrived at the sanctuary in May, we knew he had a story to tell. He was in great shape and had a really healthy shell, which made us think he might not be very old. He had no microchip, which has recently become law when selling large breed tortoises, so we were a bit stumped. Then last week we got a phone call and all the questions were answered.
Toto the tortoise enjoyed his last strawberry with us last week before his mum came to collect him. The magnificent tortoise was living in a garden of a property that was for sale 40 years ago. The property was purchased, and Toto the tortoise was part of the deal. Toto has since spent the last four decades enjoying a wonderful life, with lots of outdoor space and a varied diet, including fruit and veg from the garden. Sadly, Toto's dad passed away before Christmas, and his mum went on a little holiday in May, which is when Toto decided to take himself on an adventure. The team was delighted to be able to reunite Toto with his mum. It was very emotional! 
Thank you to everyone who shared our post and an especially big thank you to Totos finder. You saved his life!πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’™
Feed me first!!!πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’™
The swallows ready for their breakfast this morning. They are hungry little birds. The will each eat around 5 waxworm per feeding and are fed around 6 times a day. So this little group is eating just under 300 waxworm a day! Waxworms are the larvae of the Wax moth, they are highly nutritious and have a high fat content so a great food source for hand rearing wild birds.

Please consider supporting us by making a donation.
We URGENTLY need your help!
The need for our services is at an all-time high, but sadly, donations are at an all-time LOW and do not cover our monthly running costs. Sadly, we'll no longer be able to continue to provide our services without more funding.

We're holding an emergency fundraising meeting this Sunday, 7th July at 11am. Bring your ideas and enthusiasm and show your support.

If you would like to make a donation, this can be done securely through our website. 
There are several options, including PayPal.πŸ™
Do you remember little Phil? He was brought to us on the 15th of May as a tiny little chick.
Well...he's grown....alot!πŸ’›πŸ’™πŸ§‘

Come and see Phil on our Wildlife Angel mornings. They are every Thursday and Saturday 10am until 12pm. Become a Wildlife Angel from just Β£4 a month and support our work.
Yesterday a nest of what we believe to be House Sparrows was brought in after a roofer disturbed the nest. 
We popped the eggs in the incubator and during the course of the day they started to hatch! 
Come down to our Wildlife Angel open mornings. Every Thursday and Saturday 10am until 12pm to see how they are doing.

Wildlife Angels membership supports our work. 
Find out more on our website
Is anyone available today to help?πŸ™
We've just had a call regarding what we believe is a young injured Buzzard needing help. If you think you have the experience to catch the bird, please give us a call on 01246 455777 or 07872 421878. The finder may be able to transport it to us once contained.πŸ’™πŸ§‘πŸ’›
As of today, Sunday 23rd June, our DONATION STATION will NO longer be available.
We are extremely grateful for all donations of food and other goodies we receive for the animals. And we also really enjoy meeting you, so please visit us during our opening hours only.
Donations can be dropped off 7 days a week!
10am - 12pm and 4.15pm - 5.30pm.
Please do not leave any items at our gates πŸ™

We operated a no-contact drop-off area during lockdown and carried it on afterwards as it seemed to work well. However, the minority have spoilt it as usual. We are having more and more items left that we can not use, and it's costing the sanctuary time and money to dispose of them. We tried a new bigger sign on the DONATION STATION door, which we thought was pretty clear, and then we added a reminder on the inside of the door as people seemed to be missing  big sign on the outside. Sadly, it seems no amount of signage is going to make a difference. So we'll change the plan instead.πŸ’›πŸ§‘πŸ’™