Wildlife Updates and Rescuing Baby Birds

Spring is here and Wildlife is brought in nearly every day to our Wildlife Rescue centre – a great many injured birds and hedgehogs. We patch them up and care for them until they are recovered and strong enough to be released back into the wild. If not too badly injured most survive. The little robin brought in recently is doing well and we are hopeful for a full recovery.

Robin rescue

Looking better already.

Wildlife rescue

This little Goldfinch is still in shock after being injured. Its touch and go but we are doing our very best.

bird rescue

We often get asked what to do when you find a baby bird. When you see a baby bird lying helplessly on the floor you have to do something – but what?

If you are certain that the baby bird has been orphaned then you may have no option but to attempt a rescue.  Getting them safe from cats and magpies has to be done quickly. A shoe box or an old hat makes a very good substitute for a nest with soft shredded paper or some hay/straw. Keep the little ones warm until you can bring them down to our Wildlife Rescue centre. If you can bring the bird in to us as soon as possible that gives it the best chance of survival.  Feeding them is a tricky and time consuming job.  We make up special diets depending on the type of bird, chopped up meal worms, finely minced boiled egg and Purina poultry cat food is a good standby.  We use plastic tweezers for song birds and syringes (cut open)  for pigeons and doves. We release back to the wild as soon as they have feathers and can fly.