We do hope you had a lovely Easter and the special bunny brought you chocolate gifts and treats galore. Hector was on duty at the Sanctuary doing his best Easter Bunny impression. Truth be told he prefers dandelions to delivering chocolate eggs and will do anything for a juicy carrot. His favourite place to sit is on an old chair and watch the world go by.

He’s the sweetest rabbit we have ever had at the Sanctuary and beautifully marked. Could you love this bunny and give him the love he needs? He likes to be out and would suit a family with a large garden so he can have plenty of freedom and play time. We need a super home for this very special guy, so please get in touch if you can help.

Hopping through the fields,
Not a dwelling in sight,
Looking for a comfortable place
Where I can rest tonight.
Along comes a friend
That takes me in.
Now I am safe and warm
In a lovely, loving home.

Rabbit adoption

Hector rabbit

Hector animal sanctuary