These kittens are survivors

What a difference a day makes!   These kittens are survivors, they’ve put their past traumas behind them and the main thing on their mind now is food.  More please! They are always hungry, especially the biggest ginger boy cat, who we’ve called Jasper, he is first there when we put a kitten pouch down.   The kitten behind him is also a boy, we’ve called him Spiro – a computer game hero.   He is such a game little fellow, a placid kitten and a bit quieter than Jasper who is a confident chap and couldn’t be overlooked.

This is Esmerelda, who is beautifully marked with ginger shading among her tabby stripes.   She is a sweet and affectionate little girl who knows when she’s had enough to eat (Jasper is a little bit greedy, he’s going to be a big lad I think).

Esmerelda is a fastidious young lady who always washes her face as soon as she’s had lunch.   There’s also a tabby/calico young lady who we’ve called Dora the Explorer because she seems to be on the move a lot – first the basket, then back to the feed dish, then another  basket, no the cardbox box is better – she’s still finding her way around and isn’t quite settled yet.

The kits went to the vets yesterday to have a health check (they all passed first class) and then to have their first vaccination.   So that is over now and they’ll have the second and final vaccination in just under three weeks time.     These aren’t the only kittens we are feeding and we urgently need kitten pouches and donations towards their care – if anyone can help we would be very grateful.