Kittens dumped in a ditch

A dog out on a walk found these little kittens dumped in a ditch.   They would surely have died if they hadn’t been brought in to us.   There are five of them and apart from being a bit underweight and very tired, they look alright.  The little girl kit above, found a comfy bed straight away.   The ginger lad wanted food and more food.   The rest are a bit shy but they are all litter trained and friendly when you pick them up so maybe they have been house-reared and dumped when homes couldn’t be found.   We’ve persuaded one of our adult cats who has recently reared a litter, to be a foster mum.   She won’t feed them but she is giving them a bit of fuss and showing them round.   What a good girl.

I can’t keep my eyes open

After a slow start, kittening seems to be going on for longer than usual this year.   We have had several more litters brought in recently with their mums and one lot is really tiny.    We’re taking this little family off to the vets for a health check and to see if they are old enough for vaccinations.   If you are looking for a kitten please come and meet them.   We’re open 11.0am to 4.0pm except for Thursdays and Fridays – when we’re closed.

I feel better now I’ve had my dinner