The cat and the snowman

cats - bing & snowman

Our cats take an interest in everything we do and this is Bing who was fascinated when we made a snowman.   It’s still very cold here with icicles 2 feet long on the buildings.   The drive and yard are clear but where there is snow it is deep and in drifts.

Bing is a character cat who has been here for the past 12 years, along with her sister Grondhal.   They are beautiful cats both in looks and personality.   Bing and Grondhal are gentle and affectionate and we’ve never seen them with their claws out or anything other than a sweet smile on their little calico faces.

If you were a mouse or a rat it would be a different matter, these two are fierce predators and go off down the fields every day, weather permitting, on the hunt for rodents.   There used to be wild rabbits here many years ago but now there are too many foxes for them to survive.

Bing and Grondhal come back every night and like to be tucked up in bed as soon as they’ve had their supper.They’d love a Katkabin each – or if you would like to sponsor them – download the standing order form – £3.00 per month would be a great help.


They are always round and about and love to meet people especially if they bring a pouch!