Does your cat need a new basket?   The ones you buy soon get grungy and are difficult to wash.   You could spend your hard earned dosh and go out and buy one – or you could save the planet and money and soap powder – by using a readily available alternative.   Cats love shopping bags, they’re cosy and warm, no draughts when your cat is snuggled up inside.   So don’t throw those old shoppers away, put a thick wad of newspaper inside and place in a cosy corner.  Your cat will find it and hop inside within a very short time.   No problem to clean either, take outside and give a good shake, turn inside out and peg out on the washing line for a while, then wipe over with dilute tea tree or lavender oil to kill any ‘nasties’.   Clean newspaper again and your cat’s new des res will be as good as new.  If you don’t have old bags of your own, beg one from a friend – you’ll find loads at flea markets, jumble sales or car boots.  It’s recycling folks!

Mischa goes for the 30p cheap option – her favourite is a bag from Ikea!