Top tips – A new coat for Miss Nolene

When you haven’t the time or the cash to buy your best doggy pal a new coat you can keep him or her warm by a bit of ‘make do and mend’.   An old jumper makes a stylish and cosy vest for your pet – choose one to suit – the arms of a man size sweater make a super polo neck for a smallish dog.   Cut off and then guage by holding the sleeve alongside your dog.   Trim at the cut end, the wrist makes a nice polo turn back.   A couple of holes for front legs and it will slip on easily.   You could hem and stitch and sew the edges that might fray but we don’t bother.   A spot of fabric glue would hold the bits that might fray in place.   Miss Nolene doesn’t have any of that though – she wears her jumpers just as they come and when they are soiled or she gets fed up with the colour and wants a change, we just make her a new one.

A big dog might wear a small adult or child’s sweater with bits cut off, a tiny tot would be fine with baby togs or a teen sleeve.    Only use clothes that are worn out and would be disposed of though or else it rather defeats the object.    If you haven’t any old clothes you’ll find plenty at car boots or the flea market.