cats - pumpkin 5


Pumpkin is a huge ginger boy cat who was brought in to us when his owners moved away and left him behind.  He’s a lovely fella, big, fat and round, just like a cushion – or a pumpkin!  He has a charming nature, he’s polite, well behaved and very affectionate.  He likes to be picked up and have a cuddle, he’s quite sedate and a ‘fireside’ cat, very handsome and well marked.

Pumpkin is clean and fully litter trained, he’s a fastidious cat.  He likes his meals and is a good eater.  You can see that can’t you!  He’s nice and rounded at present but wouldn’t want to put any more weight on.

He’s been to the vet for a health check, which he’s passed and was also vaccinated.  When he came in he had a wound on his head, the vet’s seen it and says it’s healing up nicely.  We think he’s middle aged, around nine or ten years old.

If you’d like to come and meet him please get in touch.

cats - pumpkin 2

cats - pumpkin