More Cats for adoption

cats - pumpkin 2

We’ve had a lot more cats in recently, some are strays, other deliberately abandoned.   There is a cat who had her kittens in a flower bed, another who came in with one tiny kitten.  The big ginger lad shown above (who we’ve called Pumpkin) was left behind when his owners moved away.  He’s a lovely fella.  We urgently need cat food and funding for vet fees, they all have to be checked over, vaccinated and some need neutering and spaying.  New homes wanted and any help will be much appreciated.  Please check out our Adoption pages for more details.

cats - Millie 7

Millie who came in with two kittens – they’re beautiful and she is a good mother

cats - minnie 10

This is Miniminx – a year old even though she is so small.