Poorly hedgehog injured by fat ball netting

This little boy has fallen prey to the netting from a fat ball. The netting has been there a while and as the hoglet has grown the netting has become so tight it, has cut in to his skin. It has started to scabb over so we cannot remove it at the moment. We will keep bathing the area to try to soften the skin and gently remove it. Where the wounds are fresh under the front legs fly strike has set in. We have removed all the maggots but will keep checking regularly for any more that may hatch. Jimmy had a few tricks around his eyes too which have now been removed. His tummy is severely distended as the circulation has been cut off. Imagine a really tight piece of string round the end of your finger for 10 mins. Now imagine that string around this little boys chest for weeks as he grows. 

Carefully removing ticks and treating injuries.

Please, please, please remove the netting from all fat balls before putting them out for the birds and make sure you dispose of them safely. This traumatic event could have so easily been avoided. 
We’re not sure how much internal damage has been done, so Jimmy has a long way to go on the road to recovery. He’s a plucky little chap and we have already fallen in love with his gentle personality. Please say a prayer for him. If you would like to contribute to his treatment, please visit our donation page here. We’ll keep you updated with his recovery.