It’s paint time

Running an animal sanctuary is a huge undertaking. We open everyday, 365 days of the year to help care for animals and wildlife. When we are not looking after injured hogs, broken wings and abandoned babies, it is all hands on deck to carry out the million and one maintenance jobs around the place. Fixing handles, mending roofs, painting – the list is endless. So we would like to appeal to any volunteers to help us. We can’t offer riches but there will be lots of tea and biscuits and plenty of time to see the animals.

The weather forecast is looking good for next week so we are hoping to start getting all the wood at the center painted ready for winter to help preserve it and keep the sanctuary looking bright and happy.
We need lots of PAINT and BRUSHES and we will never turn away any offer of HELP. It’s a mammoth job!
If you would like to help you could either purchase the colours as pictured below from B&Q , donate paint brushes or offer your time to help paint any day between 10am and 3pm.