Miracle of baby tawny owl rescued at cemetery

It was a Father’s day miracle. We received a call from a Lady at a cemetery to say she had just found an owl down a drain pipe. It’s one of the oddest phone calls we have had for a long time. How did an owl get down a drain pipe and how did the lady find him? It was a moment of serendipity as the lady had been visiting her late father’s grave and had by chance discovered the poor thing trapped down a drain pipe. The young owl was soaked to the skin from all the rain and was extremely hungry. After arriving at our wildlife centre, the team got straight to work. Operation save Percy. 

percy baby tawny owl at the wildlife rescue

We’ve named him Percy, after the ladies father and he is already feeling much better today and has a tremendous appetite!

Percy will have to stay at the centre for quite a while until he can be released back into the wild, as he will be reliant on us to feed him until his adult feathers come through.  Give us a like on facebook to follow his progress.
If you would like to contribute towards Percy’s care, you can do so via our donations pages.