This young fella looks the picture of health and one of the best ways to keep him that way is to find out about using herbs for health.   They can be given as dietary supplements to keep your pet in tip top condition and Dorwest Herbs (on sale in our shop) has many herbal preparations that are fully licensed for use in veterinary medicine.   They are proven to be pure and effective and can be given in conjunction with orthodox medicine.   If in doubt, ask your vet for advice and never delay seeking veterinary advice if your pet has a health problem that does not respond to simple treatment.   We have found many instances where pets have recovered completely from even long standing and chronic conditions, when given the appropriate herbal remedy.One of the essential remedies in our pet medicine cabinet is garlic.   We stock this from Dorwest Herbs and it is in convenient tablet form.   The active ingredient is powdered garlic and this is used for the syptomatic treatment of coughs and bronchial conditions in dogs and cats.   Garlic is well known for its ability to maintain a healthy heart and circulation and it also provides an environment that is hostile to parasites.   We find that animals that are fed garlic are usually worm free.    The tablets we sell have a palatable sugary coating and go down easily.

You can get Dorwest Herbs by either calling in to our shop ‘In the Dog House’ (open 11.0am to 4.0pm) or email for further information.   We can post out if required.  Herbs are coming on our website soon!

(coming next:  fenugreek for the skin)