When a cardboard box mysteriously appeared in the Sanctuary kitchen with three little kittens inside, we were very surprised.   We’ve had kittens and a mother cat left here before quite recently and it’s hard to know how to stop this happening.   Perhaps we don’t really want to!  The kittens obviously need us but it would be nice to have some warning – and a bit of background.   Affording the vaccinations and being able to feed and care for all the kittens is challenging.   These three are fairly tame but we have some more that need quite a bit of handling.  If you are round at the weekend, please help us by ‘taming’ a kitten.  You can pop into our shop and have a cup of tea or coffee at the same time perhaps.   We urgently need kitten pouches and blankets, help with vaccinations and good homes for all these little ones.     Please help the kittens if you can.   We have some real beauties this year.

We’re working through all the mother cats that have been brought in this year and trying to get them all spayed.   It’s sometimes difficult to catch them  – one feisty little female made quite a mess of the vet when we took her in.   If a cat has never been handled it’s difficult to keep from getting scratched.  If we have enough time we can usually tame them but in the case of mature females, they are in kit again before that happens.   Winter is the best time for taming as the cats are hungry then and learn to love the hand that feeds them!    There’s still plenty of natural food in the fields for them at this time of year, plus they scrounge the biscuits we put out for the residents.

Some of the kittens are quite tame but still look very surprised when we pick them up!