Kestrel found stunned and dazed

A beautiful Kestrel was found last Sunday in the Dinnington area stunned and dazed. The awful storm weather had proved to much for him and luckily a passer by spotted him and brought him down to the Wildlife centre just in time. Despite its size and powerful appearance, an average adult Kestrel will only weigh around 220 grams. Keeping their weight stable is imperative for survival. If the birds weight drops by even a small amount their health will deteriorate very quickly. This chap weighed 177 grams so will need to put some weight back on before he can be released when he is feeling better. For now he is doing great and seems to appreciate the care and attention. It always amazes us how wild birds seem to know we are trying to help. Hopefully he can go back out into the wild soon once he has fully recovered.

We are fund raising to build a new treatment unit for injured wildlife. We’ve helped many birds of prey over the years just like this little Kestrel but we need to create larger facilities to be able to continue to treat all the wildlife brought into us on a daily basis. We are the only rescue centre in Derbyshire opened 7 days a week dedicated to helping wildlife. Please support our work if you can. If you would like to support this project, you can find out more at

Thank you.