Alans Feeling Great Thanks to Staveley Vets

Alan went in for his operation this week to the team at Staveley Vets and we are happy to say it was a complete success. He had to have five teeth removed which was more than anticipated but they were in such bad condition they could not be saved. The team of Vets lead by James did a remarkable job and carried out extensive cleaning of all his teeth while he was under. He now has a smile to rival any Hollywood celebrity and is feeling so much better.

He was pleased to see us when we collected him later in the day and was raring to go. You wouldn’t have thought he had just had a major operation and was in fine spirits ready for some soft food. He had obviously been spoilt by all the wonderful team of nurses there. So a big thank you again to the staff for taking such wonderful care of him.

Alan will be going to his new home soon. We are going to miss him but it’s a happy ending for such a wonderful chap. We couldn’t have done it without all your wonderful support. You are all amazing!

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