cats - mischa 2IN MEMORIAM


2000 – 2015

Mischa came in to the sanctuary in 2000.  She’d been found in a saltbox at the side of the road with four kittens, who she was looking after with great determination, she was an excellent protective mother.  We found homes for three of the kits but kept one back so that she wouldn’t be too upset.   She loved her remaining tabby kitten who we called Myrtle.   The two of them have been devoted to each other all these years and this is the first time that Myrtle has slept without her mother being close by.  They always kissed when they met and although Myrtle has other friends here, especially Tortie, it’s sad to see her looking for mum.

Mischa was a gentle cat, very loving and ready to purr when she was picked up.  She was friendly with everyone and went to meet and greet our visitors, we used to joke that she was on the payroll!  We didn’t keep any more of her kittens (now I wish we had done) but found them good homes and eventually had her spayed.   Mischa never showed any signs of temper or aggression, she was always even tempered, didn’t fall out with the other cats and everyone loved her.

She was a good eater but not greedy, her favourite food was fish and a few prawns went down well.  If another cat came up to steal her food she’d just let him and never made a fuss.   Apart from anything else Mischa was a very beautiful cat.  She was long haired but didn’t need the endless grooming of some of these cats, her coat was always tidy and without knots.  Her pretty calico colouring was unusual and smudgy, she looked as though she’d been dusted by a flour bag.

Mischa was not a hunter, she was a complete pacifist and never caught a mouse.   She did like to play – with leaves and feathers but it was gentle play only.  No rough and tumble for this lovely lady.

A couple of months ago we gave her a multi-flea-worm spot on treatment.  It didn’t suit her and she never looked well afterwards.   It’s back to the traditional methods of worming for us now.  We’ve had kittens and older cats die after being wormed in the past.  Mischa lost her appetite and we were tempting her to eat.  One night she went to sleep on her heated pad, which she loved, and never woke up.

Her daughter, Myrtle, is missing her although she has friends, especially Tortie, who goes to bed with her.  The other cats congregated on the shed roof and had a vigil which they have often done in the past when one of our beloved cat family passes on.

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Rest in peace darling girl

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