Sad goodbye to a beautiful cat

cats - mischa 2

Our beautiful cat Mischa passed away in her sleep last week.   Mischa was one of the best cats ever, gentle, kind and affectionate.  Visitors to the sanctuary will remember her as an enthusiastic meeter-and-greeter, she took her reception duties seriously and in her younger years was always ready to give everyone who called a fuss and a big hello.

Mischa had been with us for over fifteen years, we didn’t know her exact age as she was already adult when she came to us.   We are heartbroken by her passing, she was a permanent sanctuary resident, seemed fit and well and we thought there were many years ahead of her.  Mischa’s decline was sudden, the only thing that had happened differently was that we’d wormed her with a spot-on and she never seemed to recover her vitality afterwards.

All the cats miss her – especially her daughter Myrtle who is still with us and looking for her mother.   The other cats held a vigil on the roof after she’d gone.

cats - mischa 4

Rest in peace darling girl

cats - on roof 2

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