Injured kitten

kittens - tansy 5

This little kitten was brought in with a damaged eye.  It’s a real mess.  We rushed her to the vet and the news isn’t good.  She may need to have the eye removed, it’s so badly ulcerated.   The vet gave her a pain killer and eye drops and she’s had antibiotics so it’s wait and see time.  She’s a very pretty little girl, about six weeks old, her four brothers came with her and they seem to be alright.  We’ve called her Hope and it may be that her actual eye is injured.  We won’t know till the medication begins to work and we can see better just what is wrong.   We ‘hope’ she will start to recover soon, she’s a tiny scrap to have such a big operation.

kittens - hopeHelp with vet fees for Hope would be much appreciated.  We’re going to save her eye if we can.