Happy Easter Success Stories

Our Easter roundup is here and we’d like to share some of our success stories. We’ve had abandoned kittens and poorly cats, injured pigeons, and wandering ferrets over the last few months. We do our best to patch them up and get them on the road to recovery. Some of them stay on at the Sanctuary for life if they aren’t able to be re-homed or released back into the wild.

Two kittens that came to us last year in a dreadful state have made a full recovery.

abandoned kittens

They were found in a rabbit hutch. We didn’t think they would survive but thanks to the careful nursing of Joe and Kate, they pulled through. We found them both lovely new homes and we received this lovely photo of Marvel. Isn’t he fabulous!

Lucky rabbit hutch cats

The two cats abandoned at the Sanctuary have started to recover. They were in shock and in a dreadful state when we found them outside our gates.

Itchy and scratchy

The transformation is remarkable. We’ve renamed them Itchy and Scratchy and they are both adorable. Here they are with volunteer Elise enjoying lots of fuss and attention. They are both looking for new homes and should be available for adoption soon.

itchy and scratchy cats

Itchy and Scratchy

We’ve helped thousands of animals over the years. Cats, dogs, horses, goats, hedgehogs, ducks, pigs, owls, hamsters, parrots, lizards. We’ve seen it all. It’s the success stories that keep us going. We never know what’s going to come through the doors next and these little mice were a nice surprise. What cuties!

Little mice

little mice

We also get a lot of requests for help when owners have passed away or can no longer look after their pets. Cloud came to us when his owner passed away. He needs special medical care and will stay with us for life. He’s a beautiful cat and very loving.

Cloud enjoying a fuss with a volunteer

The ducks are all doing well and have become very tame now. Be sure to say hello to them if your visiting us.

Ducks at the sanctuary

We’ll finish up our roundup with our little Easter lambs. They’ll be ready to go out on the fields soon with their mum’s once the weather improves and meet the little ponies.

lamb time

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