Nanu Nanu Lovebirds Surprise

Spring love is in the air. We’ve been really busy helping wildlife and all sorts of injured critters. Hedgehogs are out and about and we are releasing our winter hibernators back into the wild. We’ve had an influx of wild and domesticated birds who need our services. Fledglings found out of nests, cat related injuries, poorly pigeons – we help them on a daily basis. Some lovebirds brought into the sanctuary were a more unusual case.  They came in when their owners could no longer look after them and we called them Mork and Mindy after the hit TV show. Lovebirds can be wonderful and charming pets. They tend to have cute chatter and beautiful coloring and are very social creatures. Sexing can be a little tricky (we didn’t have much to go on) and to our surprise they have hatched some little babies. We were suspicious when they started spending more time than usual in their nest box. Mum and dad are doing well and have become devoted parents.

We hope to be able to find them homes soon, so if you think you could help, please give us a call.