Yo-yo is a loner cat

Yo-Yo has been one of our resident Golden Oldies for a couple of years.   She came in when her elderly owner had to go in hospital on a permanent basis and there was no one to look after her pet.   Yo-yo is a quiet and unassuming character who mostly likes to keep herself to herself.   She is not an attention-seeker like some of the other cats, this is an unobtrusive lady cat who likes peace and quiet.   Her expression is usually serious and whilst she is quite active, she is not the girl for an exuberant play session.    A ping-pong ball?   So.    Why are you waving that feather?   Big yawn.    A catnip mouse?   Huh!

Yo-you is independent and any affection is on her terms although she is nicely companionable at times – she doesn’t want to sit on your knee but she will sit next to you.    Nothing fazes her, if the other cats are being a bit pushy, she ignores them.   Although she gets on with everybody, no-one is her particular friend.

One of the most striking things about her is that she looks much younger than she actually is.   We were told she was fourteen when she came in so she must be sixteen plus now.    She’s slim, svelte, lithe and active, so what is the secret of her good health and youthful appearance.   Perhaps it’s because she takes life as it comes and doesn’t get stressed.   A lesson there for us I think.

If you’d like to adopt Yo-Yo and help with her care, please get in touch.   We have standing order forms and any contribution, no matter how small, is a great help.  Yo-yo likes senior pouches and biscuits, she likes to snuggle up in a fleece and have her heated pad switched on when the nights are chilly. [donate]