Wildlife Hospital Update

Progress on our new Wildlife facilities continues and we are delighted to say, we now have running hot and cold water in the wildlife hospital!!! Thank you Derbyshire Gas Solutions Limited.


Shane and his team have donated their time to the project after we posted a request for help. They are super guys, Wildlife Angels and are doing an amazing job. There is still quite a bit of work needed to finish the project but we are so excited at the progress so far!🧡💙💛It’s life changing for us.

Wildlife admissions continue here at the sanctuary each day. A female Tufted duck, more goslings, a family of partridge chicks found scattered at a park in Barlborough, a couple of pheasant chicks, a number of injured blackbirds, a gull, several pigeons, doves, a range of corvids aswell as lots of very poorly hedgehogs and some female hedgehogs and their hoglets are now safe at last. Nigel the Mallard left us today to join a group of ducks as they flew over the sanctuary. One of those moments we wish we could get the camera out quicker. Several pigeons, doves, crows and couple of magpies were released earlier in the week too.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support us. We could not do any of this without you.💙🧡💛

We’d like to give a shout out to the amazing guys at Hallswood Fencing for coming to our rescue and collecting the roofing sheets from Coverworld Uk.💙🧡💛. It allowed us to finish our new avairy at the centre.

Hallswood fencing

We are happy to say it’s already fully occupied and a great success. We are already dreaming about our next unit.

New Wildlife Avairy Unit

Special guests Andy Pandy, Looby Loo and Teddy the Tawny owls have been moved into the new aviary and are loving it. They are the most magnificent birds.

Wildlife Rescue Owls
Owls at the sanctuary

Who can remember when they first came in?

baby owls

We are still OPEN for EMERGENCIES should an animal need us. Admissions are by appointment only, so please give us a ring first.

If you would like to support these beautiful birds whilst in our care you can so by donating through our website.
Sponsor Wildlife or why not become a Wildlife Angel and join our growing community of wildlife lovers.

We are still fund raising for equipment for our Wildlife Hospital and hope to be able to build more avairies and housing with the money raised. If you would like to help us reach our target, please head on over to our Wildlife Appeal page.

We’ll leave you with this delightful picture taken at the centre and aptly called by the Team “If it fits, I sit”

Wildlife If It Fits I sit