We’re open on Sunday 14th December from 11.0am to 3.0pm – it’s a chance to do some last minute browsing in the Sanctuary store – we have pet gifts and lots for their owners too – gifts, vintage, collectables, books etc.  Say hello to Little Billy while you’re here – he loves to meet his fans and have a fuss and be told how sweet he is!  Lots more new rescues – we found Leo in our Reception just before we closed up.  He’s a large friendly tabby but very thin, his paws are scuffed and worn just as though he’s walked for miles.  Will we ever know where he’s come from and what his story is?  I doubt it.

21st to 23rd December –  our Pet Food Appeal days – please help us make a pet food mountain and give all the animals lots of food and goodies over Christmas and the New Year.  Our Reception will be open between 9.0am to 4.00pm.   Blankets and cosy throws are always very welcome too.   Please help yourself to a Newsletter and free Pet Emergency Card.

CHRISTMAS EVE, CHRISTMAS DAY & BOXING DAY – Happy Christmas to one and all.   The sanctuary is closed except for emergencies and taking in rescues.

28th December – We hope  you’ve had a good Christmas – we’ll be open again today from 11.0am to 3.0pm.  If you have any unwanted Christmas gifts we can make good use of them, they’ll benefit the animals.

31st December – We’re closed and getting ready for the New Year – 2015!