Our vet bills for treating admissions rocketed during May and June this year with emergency admissions of cats and kittens needing urgent treatment. We need to raise £1200 to cover these unexpected costs.

You can make a donation by clicking here if you would like to help the animals.

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Elsie came to us in a shocking state and required emergency medical treatment. It was touch and go that she would survive but thanks to treatment at Staveley Vets, she is coming on in leaps and bounds. She enjoyed a little bit of sunshine today. She gets tired very quickly at the moment and feels the cold. She’s also still quite wobbly on her legs but she loves exploring in the fresh air for short bursts during the day. She had another vet check recently and we are glad to say she has put on a little bit of weight, her skin is improving and her abscesses are healing. She still has some swelling around her jaw but everything looks positive and heading in the right direction.

Elsie recovering at the Pet Samaritans
We are really pleased with her progress. She is a real fighter and so grateful for the care she has received from everyone.

Lucy came to us when her owner sadly passed away. She is a beautiful cat and very caring.

We think she is only 5 years old but we found out her teeth are in a terrible state and some will have to be removed. The quote for the operation is £579.88.

Kitten season 2022 is in full swing. Every year we try to help as many orphan kittens and stray pregnant Queens as we can in an attempt to reduce the amount of cats and kittens that would otherwise end up living a life on the streets to continue the breeding cycle. All cats in our care are given regular vet health checks, are wormed up to date, have the appropriate vaccination and when old enough are microchipped and neutered. As you can imagine this depletes our funds to cover all the treatments required.

If you would like to make a donation to help with our Vet Fees, you can make a donation directly via our Vets Appeal link here or give us a call on 07872 421878 or 01246 455777.

Thankyou Cat