Our Swifts are eating more than 2,000 insects a day.

We are one of very few specialist Swift rehabilitation centres in the UK and we need your help.🙏

We are absolutely desperate for live waxworm and live calci worm. You can purchase supplies from our Amazon Wishlist at Amazon Pet Samaritans

amazon pets wishlist

Or contributions via donations are greatly appreciated so we can purchase them direct.

There are currently over 30 swifts in our care with more arriving each day and are getting through more than 2000 insects a day! YES 2000! Each Swift will eat up to 60 insects and then we have the Swallows and House Martins to feed as well. It’s a race against time so they can be released ready for migration. Swifts pair for life and usually return to the same breeding site each year. Swift nest sites are disappearing fast across the UK and they are now on the Red List as the highest conservation priority needing urgent action. We are doing everything we can to help but you can help too by installing ‘swift bricks’ in a wall or put up a swift nest box to give a them a place to rest and raise a family.

Swift bricks provide a great place to nest.

These amazing birds almost never land except at their nest. They can even sleep on the wing and seem to bathe by flying slowly through falling rain. Only the peregrine falcon is faster in a dive but Swifts are the fastest level flying birds around. While adult birds can get off the ground, starving young ones can’t and this is were our wildlife angels program comes to the rescue. It’s exhausting round the clock care and very expensive to manage but we have great success and have helped many swifts each year. Please help support our work if you can by purchasing live insect food, making a donation through our website or becoming a Wildlife Angel.

Our current swifts have come from all over Chesterfield, Sheffield, Derby, Melbourne, Ashford-in-the-Water, Bolsover and Retford.