Tick problem for Poorly Hedgehog

A hedgehog came to us recently with one of the worst infestations of ticks and fleas we have ever seen. As always, we recommend using gloves when handling any hedgehog to prevent contact with ticks.

hedgehog ticks

Thank goodness he was found, so special thanks for the gentleman who made the trip to drop him off at hedgehog hospital. He was obviously feeling very unwell and when we examined him we could see ticks everywhere. So far we have removed 80 ticks from him and he still has a few left – we had to take a break after hours of careful work. The good news is, he is feeling better and started eating. We have treated him for fleas and hope to be able to return back to the wild when he had been given the all clear and his strength has returned.

We see lots of cases just like this at the Sanctuary. If you would like to sponsor a hedgehog and help with treatment costs, please visit our sponsor a hedgehog page.
You can donate directly to them. Your support is very much appreciated.