The names Pond. James Pond

It’s been non stop in the Hedgehog Hospital today. Mr Pond, our latest admission was found in a garden pond in Hasland and managed to survive his ordeal by resting on some of the pond foliage. He has been given the all clear for any obvious injuries and is in good spirits after his ordeal. He will stay under observation for a few days to check he is eating, drinking and toileting as he should be before being released back into the wild.

help us care for hedgehogs like James Pond at our wildlife hospital

Hedgehog numbers have sadly been on the decline for decades and in recent weeks have been declared Vulnerable to Extinction in the UK. Its absolutely heartbreaking to think that we are so close to losing these magnificent animals forever.

You can help the British Hedgehog population by becoming a Wildlife Angel. Your membership will help us to continue to be able to help injured, malnourished and dehydrated hedgehogs and hoglets recover and be released back into the wild.

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