cats - yum yum with kitsCats with kittens, rescued dogs, ponies, injured birds – we couldn’t do any of this without your help.  We have over 100 animals to feed every day and it’s heartwarming when we find food and other useful items in Reception.  We make use of everything that is brought in and thank you for your kindness and thoughtful generosity.  Our dogs lounge around on duvets, cats have cushions and pillows and we manage to feed everyone – it’s brilliant!   The cat above, who is called Yum-yum, has two kittens and they are doing well.   They are fatter than normal because this is a small litter and they are getting more milk.  Both are boys – they will be as big as her soon!

Your help makes a huge difference, enabling us to say ‘yes’ when we are asked to help in an emergency and desperate situation.  Joining the Pet Samaritans costs £15 per year – it’s regular income that is vital for us to keep going.  Members receive a FREE newsletter every two months, a FREE emergency pet care card and a FREE Pet Sams keyring (choose from dog, owl, cat, pony).  Get in touch and we’ll send you an application form.  Makes a nice gift for an animal lover too.