Technicolour kittens

All re-homed now – thanks folks

Scientists may have created kittens who are green in colour but our kits get the same effect by playing in the reflection of a stained glass window.  They seem to like the patterns on their coats – all cats are natural poseurs!   We have kittens of all colours waiting for new homes, the two shown above came in about a month ago and will be going for their health check and first vaccination this coming week.   We’ve seen a lot more ginger and calico kits this year, not so many tortoiseshell though.    We have one tortie girl (and cats with this colour and calico also, are always female), she is called Tiffany and has a lovely quiet personality, not a tearaway like some of the little rascals.  Every kitten has a different personality from a few weeks old.

The two kittens who came in last week, one black, one slightly bigger ginger and white, have settled beautifully.   They are real personality plus people pleasers.   Sooty and Corbett are looking for a new home, together if possible as, although it’s doubtful they are related, they are very much attached to each other.