Stray dog sort outs

When strays come in we first of all give them time to settle.   We have to try to communicate with them while they learn to understand us.   Usually they are better than we are!   They get to know the routine, the walks, the other dogs, the house rules.   We check them over for health problems and find out about their personality.   An alpha male?   Hmm.    Well socialized?   Very good.   Fighting talk?   Oh no!   Fussy and friendly?   Great.   A cat killer?   So many of the strays have been encouraged to chase cats.   We take the dogs out ourselves and you can learn a lot about their character when you’re out on a walk and handling them every day.

Having patience is the key to successful settling and we take things easy.   Dog training, apart from general good manners, is for a lot later.   Avoiding problems and confrontation is best until everybody knows each other.    When the dog is settled and behaving well, he or she can go out with one of our Rambling Rover dog walkers.   Feedback from them is invaluable.   Great dog, no problems at all.   Pulls a bit on the lead.   Listens to everything you say.  Travels well.    Loves sausages!   We get some great end of walk reports.

A few weeks gives us chance to check microchips and lost dog registers.   When a dog is handed over to us, that’s final and all microchip and last owner details will have been checked thoroughly.    Many of the strays are microchipped but the owners have passed them on and don’t want them back under any circumstances.  Or they deny all knowledge!    If you take a dog you’ve adopted from us in to the vets and they say (shock horror) – this dog is microchipped –  please don’t worry, we will already know and the notice to the original owners will have been issued and the period of time for reclaim will have passed.     We change the microchip address as soon as this has happened.

When the dog is really settled we can offer him or her for adoption.   The great day arrives, we take flattering pictures – smile please – and they are on the internet.   We have a ginger coloured lurcher and a pretty Jack Russell little lady who are ready now and they are both lovely dogs, details very soon so watch out for them.  All we want now is a good home – and that’s up to you!

Please help us to care for the waifs and strays if you can – even a small donation will make a big difference [donate]