Snowy the white dove

Some of you may remember Snowy, the white dove who was brought to us with a terrible wound to her wing from an air rifle shot earlier in the year. Once healed Snowy was released at the centre and she immediately fell in love with Storm, a pigeon who had come to us previously and had decided life was good here and had stayed around after his release.
Their relationship developed quite quickly and have been inseparable. The Pet Samaritans team had noticed that these two love birds had taken over one of the nest boxes in the yard and over the last week or so have been taking it in turn to leave the nest and returning with food. That can only mean one thing we thought!

Baby pigeons

Team member Jo noticed earlier today that they had both left the nest simultaneously for a brief moment and took the opportunity to have a little peak at what all the fuss had been about….and there they were…..Snowy and Storms babies. We’re thrilled to bits and can’t wait to update you as the weeks go by.