Poorly Kittens and Creatures of the Night

The last few months have been an exceptionally busy time at the sanctuary. Pregnant cats, poorly kittens, baby hedgehogs and all manner of wildlife have been brought into the sanctuary for help. Six poorly kittens were found living in a patch of nettles. The poor things had terrible eyes and wouldn’t have survived much longer but fortunately they were brought into the Sanctuary and put under intensive care just in time. Their eyes are still bad but they are getting better. You can follow their progress on our Facebook Pages.

This poorly kitten had been living out rough in the rain
Laura and Kate cleaning and bathing eyes. We are optimistic they will make a full recovery.

A beautiful Tawny Owl was brought in after being picked up off the A6 in the early hours of Monday morning by a kind gentleman on his way home from work. It was dehydrated and lethargic but has eaten well since being here and seems to be picking up already. The left eye is being treated and there are no other obvious signs of injury so hopefully it will make a speedy recovery.

Our hedgehog hospital has been busier than ever. Baby hoglets and adults come in on a daily basis. The most common injury we see is to legs and eyes. Ticks are often a source of irritation and can make hedgehogs feel quite poorly. We use a special tool to remove them and the hogs are always very grateful before being released back into the wild. Rearing baby hoglets requires round the clock attention in the early days. When they are fully reared and ready to go back into the wild, it’s a wonderful sight to see. We must do everything we can to help these magical creatures of the night.

The support from everyone has been brilliant, so we’d like to say a Big Thank you on behalf of all the animals. Without Pet Samaritans like you we wouldn’t be able to offer the assistance and care we provide.

Thank you to Janice Batty who had been busy selling her craft items recently in aid of the Pet Samaritans and raised a wondeful £225!
Thank you also to Jill Smith, Russell Smith, Bill Spencer, Davis Stevens, Debra Roberts, Gareth Roberts, James Roberts, Liz Roberts, Grace Roberts, Beryl howarth, Pat Arthur, Stacy Wilcox, Amanda griffiths and Hazel packwood for supporting Janice with her fundraising frenzy. 
Janices granddaughter, Jorgie mai came to visit today with Janice to bring the donation and got to meet some of the animals.