Snowball kitten ready for a new home

kittens-snowball-1He’s now found a lovely home, thanks folks.  Snowball was born here, his mum a stray who was brought in.  His little sister Snowball was re-homed recently.   He’s an adorable kitten who was very small when his mum gave birth to him and has been very slow to grow.   He’s still a tiny tot but has just put enough weight on to be able to be vaccinated.  Sometimes these mini-kits stay small and other times they surprise us and gradually get up to their proper size.  It takes time though.

He doesn’t let his  lack of size get to him and he’s a playful little fella who is full of confidence.  He has a lovely personality and is clean and well behaved, fully litter trained.   He likes to be picked up and fussed and sit on your knee, he will make a lovely best friend for some lucky person.

Snowball is all white apart from a few tabby stripes on his head, he has a slightly fluffy coat.  If you’d like to come and meet him please get in touch.  A very special home wanted for this sweet little boy kitten.

We’re open every day between 11 and 3.0pm.





This is Snowball with Aunty Tortie who is one of our golden oldies – reminds her of past kittening days.